The Italian Touch: Slow Tourism

We’ve partnered with Vogue Italia to explore the Italian Touch – the unique Italian attitude towards life, craft and food that makes our country and the people who live in it so special. Today we take a look at Italy’s growing trend of slow tourism – a fresh way of thinking about tourism, aiming to give travellers a totally authentic and eco-friendly experience.

Having grown tired of inauthentic and mass-attended travel tours, travellers have embraced a more green, authentic and eco-friendly travel trend – slow tourism. The aim of the slow tourist is to make their traveling experience totally authentic, and to do so they interact with the host community and discover local traditions, always in full respect of nature and favouring facilities with a low environmental impact and locally-sourced products.

In Italy, the Slow Tourism association promotes sustainable tourism and has created a quality brand to identify all the enterprises committed to the preservation of the territory’s authenticity. And there are plenty of slow alternatives that can be tried in Italy:


Web-company Sicilying organizes excursions amidst the vineyards of the Iblei mountains, still connected by old little Bourbon roads called trazzere. Officine Turistiche is an association that offers visits to the biodynamic vineyards on the Gavi hills (Piedmont).


The Taste and Slow Italy tour operators accompany travellers on a journey to discover organic food along the banks of Lake Trasimeno in Umbria. With Salento Bici Tour tourists ride their bicycles through little villages, masserie (old farmhouses) and orchards, to get a taste of the Salento cuisine. Also in Puglia, the Apulia Country agency, in collaboration with Agriturismo Fasano, enables visitors to take an active part in handcrafted production.


The aim of Tuqui Tour is to give new, worldwide visibility to the places that made up the ancient Dukedom of Urbino.

Another interesting initiative is proposed by Addiopizzo Travel, in collaboration with facilities that refuse to pay protection money, organizing visits to UNESCO sites between Palermo and Ragusa.


2016 is the national Year of Walks, so slow tours to the sacred mountains in Piedmont and Lombardy are a high on many slow tourist’s to-do lists. Similarly, dog trekking itineraries guided by expert dog instructors are also popular, like those organized by Le Marche nel cuore.


The Slow Tourism association is also founder of the Vodivì fashion house. Every bag collection is inspired by a specific site on the Italian territory and associated to a range of ‘slow’ itineraries.

This article originally appeared on Vogue Italia.